C r e a t i n g    Y o u r    S e c o n d
    L i f e    A f t e r    40

    Barbara's Public Television Special


    Here are some reactions from early showings:

    "I just saw your TV show and 2 hours later I was a new person.  I saw what was going on!  I laughed all the way through, but it hit so hard I couldn't believe it."  NY

    "I now have 2 birthdays - my biological birthday, and my second life birthday!" Dallas

    "I have never written a thank you note in my life, but I was so compelled that I had to.  Thank you for me and thank you for what I believe is so important for us to hear as we approach [midlife]." Rhode Island

    "You described what I'm doing!  Great to know I'm not crazy."  Seattle

    "I am happy to know that there are people like you spreading the word that midlife is the time to find your genius.  Because you are so right!  We have a very long way to go ... 50 ... 60 ... 70 ... 80 ... 90 ... and 100!"  Seattle

    "My views after reading, were no longer self-defeating..."
    S. Australia

    "Thanks for your refreshing outlook as expressed in your recent program on PBS."

    "I've taken care of all my family members over the years and now was my time...I was going to hit the road in an RV...but I just  became the sole caregiver of a 77 year-old aunt.  You reminded me of all the things I had wanted to do that couldn't be done in an RV on the road.  The catalog from a local community college arrived in the mail yesterday afternoon and I want to take about 10 classes."  Minneapolis

    "I just made my annual pledge to WBGH Boston after watching Barbara Sher's PBS Special...It was sensational!"  Boston

    "Your show saved my life."  Martha's Vineyard

    "You were wonderful.  TV may be one step removed, but nonetheless I really appreciated your inspiring message." L.A.

    "I was in quicksand until I saw your show, stuck with no hope.  I was so wrong.  What a message!"  Orlando

    KUAC - Fairbanks, AK
    KETS - Conway, AR
    WGTV - Atlanta, GA
    KHET - Honolulu, HI
    KDIN - Johnston, IA
    KAET - Tempe, AZ
    KAWE - Bemidji, MN
    KCSM, San Mateo, CA
    KCWC - Riverton, WY
    XERA - Dallas, TX
    KETC - St. Louis, MO
    KIXE - Redding, CA
    KNME - Albuquerque, NM
    KNPB - Reno, NV
    KOCE - Huntington Beach, CA
    KOOD - Bunker Hill, KS
    KOZK - Springfield, MO
    KPTX - Wichita, KS
    KQED - San Francisco, CA
    KRMA - Denver, CO (done)
    KRWG - Las Cruces, NM
    KSMQ - Austin, MN
    KTCA - St. Paul, MN
    KTEH - San Jose, CA
    KTWU - Topeka, KS
    KUHT - Houston
    KVCR - San Bernardino, CA
    KWXU - Pullman, WA
    NCAR - Research Triangle Park, NC
    NDAK - Fargo, ND
    NEWH - Durham, NH
    OREG - Portland, OR
    VERM - Colchester, VT
    WRGU - Bowling Green, OH
    WCEU - Daytona Beach, FL (Mar 2, 2000)
    WCFE - Plattsburgh, NY
    WCTE - Cookevila, TN
    WDCQ - University Center, MI
    WEDU - Tampa, FL
    WFSU - Tallahassee, FL
    WFYI - Indianapolis, IN
    WGBH - Boston, MA
    WGBY - Springfield, MA
    WHRO - Norfold, VA
    WILL - Urbana, IL
    WIPB - Muncie, IN
    WITF - Harrisburg, PA
    WJCT - Jacksonville, FL
    WLIW - Plainview, NY
    WMEC - Springfield, IL
    WMFE - Orlando, FL
    WMHT - Schenectady, NY
    WNED - Buffalo, NY
    WNIT - Elkhart, IN
    WNMU - Marquette, MI
    WOUB - Athens, OH
    WPBA - Atlanta, GA
    WPBS - Watertown, NY
    WPBT - North Miami, FL
    WPTO - Dayton, OH
    WQLN - Erie, PA
    WSBE - Providence, RI
    WSIU - Carbondale, IL
    WSKG - Binghampton, NY
    WSRE - Pensacola, FL
    WTCI - Chattanooga, TN
    WTVP - Peoria, IL
    WTVS - Detroit, MI
    WUFT - Gainesville, FL
    WUSF - Tampa, FL
    WVPT - Harrisonburg, VA
    WYCC - Chicago, IL
    WYES - New Orleans, LA

How to Create Your Second Life After 40" has been shown in many cities around the country. Call your local public television station for air times



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