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    Dare to Live Your Dream

    Audio Program

    by  Barbara Sher

From the Publisher: Whose life are you living? Do you make lists of why you should be happy? Happy people don't make lists. There is no way to be happy when youíre living someone else's dream. Somewhere inside, you have your own dream, and nothing else will ever make you happy. Why not? Because you are one of a kind.

The world has never seen anyone like you before and it never will again. In fact, youíre probably a genius. Genius is original vision and thatís what you were born with. Your way of seeing, thinking and being in this world is unlike anyone elseís ‚ thatís how nature works. You long to do what you were born to do like a horse longs to run and a bird to fly. The time has come to make the best investment of your life ‚ in your innate gifts.

How do you find your gifts? After years of hiding your gifts away or living with pressure to be someone else, you may not know what your gifts are. But make no mistake, they're inside you. Talent leaves clues everywhere, but you must learn to decipher them. Once you learn to see them and understand their code, these clues will lead you to your own hidden treasure. Find your gifts and youíll be ready to go after your most cherished dreams. Theyíve been waiting for you a long time.

This program will teach you practical, nuts-and-bolts, step-by-step methods to use your gifts and turn your dreams into reality. You need more than a pep talk or fine-sounding phrases. No one ever learnedhow to do anything from a cheerleader. You need know-how. You need realistic instructions on how to get where you want to go. You need an expert to explain the real reason you stopped in the path and show you how to never stop again. Youíre willing to work hard and you know it ‚ you have the right to a program that will repay sincere work with real, visible rewards.

There is something youíre supposed to be doing and you shouldnít waste another day ignoring it. The rewards are enormous. When you do what you love, work turns into pleasure. You owe it to yourself and to whoever put these gifts inside you to realize them. This program will stick with you every step of the way, like a friend, a teammate, and a guide, and what youíre about to learn will never leave you. So mark this date on your calendar. Youíre about to pull your dreams from the sky and build them on the ground, brick by brick.

    Tape 1 Who Do You Think You Are?
    Tape 2 The Roots of Your Genius
    Tape 3 Fresh Thinking
    Tape 4 Testing the Waters
    Tape 5 The Rescue Tape (Resistance!)
    Tape 6 Waking Up Your Sense of Direction
    Tape 7 The Emotional Universe Inside You
    Tape 8 Don’t Do It Yourself
    Tape 9 Wave the Magic Wand
    Tape 10 How People Really Succeed
    Tape 11 I’ll Buy That Dream
    Tape 12 Shaking Hands with Happiness

Welcome to the world of people who have dared to live their dreams.

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